How Do Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves Work?


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Quadra-Fire pellet stoves work by using a convection fan to circulate heat generated by pellets burning inside the stove. Provided with adequate pellets, Quadra-Fire pellet stoves automatically add pellets to the burn area, making them more convenient than conventional wood stoves or fireplaces.

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Quadra-Fire pellet stoves provide heating by naturally drawing cold air in through an intake vent. Once inside the stove, the cold air moves over the enclosed burn area, becoming warmer in the process. Finally, a convection fan expels the air from the stove, providing warmth to the surrounding area.

Quadra-Fire pellet stoves hold fresh pellets in a container called a hopper. A large screw called an auger feeds pellets from the hopper to the burn area. Most pellets leave a minimal amount of ash behind after burning, but pellet stoves deposit any unburned pellet particles or ashes into an ash receptacle for later disposal by the user.

Exhaust gases generated in the burn area are drawn outdoors by another fan which blows the gases through the exhaust pipe. Because the burn area is enclosed, the risk of toxic gases like carbon monoxide leaking into the surrounding area is very low, provided the exhaust system is in proper working order.

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