What Is a Pyramat?


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Pyramat is a brand of turf reinforcement mats. They are thin, fibrous mats that are designed to prevent erosion on slopes, and in channels and drainage areas. The mat is laid on the ground after the ground has been seeded, and grass and other vegetation grows through the mat.

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Turf reinforcement mats, such as Pyramat, provide protection against soil loss on steep slopes where vegetation alone is not enough, in arid areas with minimal vegetation growth and near water outlets where the soil is more vulnerable to erosion. They also protect water quality by minimizing the transfer of soil into water sources. The Pyramat brand is constructed of polypropylene. It is resistant to damage from ultraviolet radiation, water and pests. The fibers are woven with a pyramid structure to hold soil and seeds in place until the landscaping is well established.

Other types of turf reinforcement mats include wire mesh mats and synthetic fiber nets. Both provide erosion control while seeds germinate and become established. The mats are graded based on how long they last and how much protection they provide. Pyramat is rated for high performance use on steep slopes for long periods. It is available in green or tan to match a variety of landscaping schemes.

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