What Are Some PVC Projects?


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Some simple projects using polyvinyl chloride pipe include a PVC bike rack, planter and bird feeder. PVC pipes join using a solvent glue and joints that slide over the pipe. It is a thermoplastic, so it retains its shape once it cools after the crafter heats and bends it.

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The lightweight material is flexible, so it can withstand the vibration of supporting bikes in the bed of a truck. It uses standard PVC fittings and adjusting it to fit a particular truck is easy. Most truck racks support three to four bikes in an upright position, and the same design works in the garage or on the ground.

Make a decorative PVC planter by cutting long scallops on a 4-inch piece of PVC. Heat the scallops gently with a heat gun and pull them down to form the petals of a flower. Paint the pot to match the surrounding decor, fill the pot with potting soil and add a flower.

Make a PVC bird feeder using two ceramic saucers and a short length of pipe. Use a ceramic bit to drill holes through the center of the saucers and drill holes that allow the food to fall from the bottom of the pipe onto the lower saucer. Paint and decorate the pipe. Place a washer over the end of the eyebolt and slide it to the eye, and add one saucer and the pipe. Fill the pipe with birdseed and add the second saucer and the nut.

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