What Is PVC Decking?


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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking is an artificial lumber made entirely out of plastic resins. This material may be made from virgin resin, recycled resins or from a blend of the two materials.

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PVC decking is one of the three main materials used in building outdoor decks. This plastic resin is not a wood product, although it can be used like wood in building. Manufacturing PVC decking is a difficult process involving the coating of an outer plastic core with the resin. Even with modern manufacturing techniques, up to 1/8th of the lumber is unusable. The processing issues and the loss of materials makes PVC decking more expensive compared to other decking.

There are many benefits to using PVC decking in place of wood or a composite. As a plastic, it doesn't decay, and it is very resistant to mold or mildew. PVC is a low- maintenance product, so homeowners won't need to invest a lot of time cleaning, sanding, painting or sealing it each year. Homeowners with kids and pets can feel free to let them run wild on the deck too. The plastic is very durable, being scratch and dent resistant. PVC also provides a nearly perfect, uniform look to any outdoor deck. However, some higher quality PVC decking provides a more natural, wood-like appearance.

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