How Do You Put up a Washing Line?

How Do You Put up a Washing Line?

Using a washing line is a great way to save electricity and make your clothes smell fresh at the same time. This project uses treated lumber, cement, a shovel, a drill, a level, two stakes, a circular saw, screws, clothesline pulleys and clothesline.

  1. Gather your materials and tools

    Obtain a shovel, a level, two bags of cement, two 4x4 pieces of treated lumber between 10 and 12 feet tall, one treated 2x4 piece of lumber, two small pieces of lumber for stakes, a drill, screws, a circular saw, clothesline pulleys and clothesline.

  2. Choose your location

    Select a location in your yard that receives full sunlight for most of the day.

  3. Dig two holes

    Make sure that there are no utility lines running through the area where you want to install your washing line. Phone your utility companies to come to your home and mark the location of any lines. Dig two holes directly in line with each other. The distance between the holes is the length of your washing line. Make the holes wider at the bottom than at the top to prevent movement in your poles.

  4. Pour cement in the holes

    Fill each hole1/3 of the way full with cement. Add water to the hole according to the instructions on the bags of cement. Set one piece of lumber in the hole, and use your level to make sure the post is straight. Fill the rest of the hole with cement, and add more water. Stake the post in place, and let the cement dry for 24 hours. Repeat for the second post.

  5. Hang the clothesline

    Cut the 2x4 into 2-foot sections. Attach one piece to the top of one post so that it is perpendicular to the ground. Repeat for the second post. Install clothesline pulleys to the pieces, and hang the clothesline.