How Do You Put up Plasterboard?

How Do You Put up Plasterboard?

Materials required to hang plasterboard include adhesive, nails, fiberglass tape, and jointing compound. Tools required are a hammer, tape measure, hand saw, keyhole saw, mitre box, trimming knife, sanding float, broad knives, corner tool, straight edge, trestles and a plank.

  1. Plan the layout

    Sketch the dimensions of the room where the plasterboard will be hung. Include stud and joint spacing and all windows and doors. Using full sheets when possible, plan the layout of the plasterboard. Sheets should be sized to attach to studs.

  2. Cut the plasterboard

    Referring to the sketch, measure and cut the plasterboard. Score the surface first, cutting through the top paper. Lift and snap the board along the score line, cutting through the back paper with a knife. Use the keyhole saw to make cuts for outlets or other enclosed holes.

  3. Install the plasterboard

    Affix the plasterboard to the studs using adhesive and plaster nails. Dot the studs with adhesive every 10 inches. Apply adhesive to the inside edges and ends of sheets. Secure the plasterboard to the wall with plaster nails spaced approximately 6 inches apart. Keep the adhesive away from the nailing points.

  4. Tape the joints

    Tape the joints with self-adhesive fiberglass tape. Cover the tape with a thin layer of jointing compound. Allow the first coat to dry. Cover with a second coat, smoothing and feathering the joint compound to create a level surface.