How Do You Put up a Fence?


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To put up a fence, ensure you have enough materials to fence the space by measuring the area. Purchase the materials, install posts and attach fencing to create a functional, secure fence.

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  1. Measure the space to be fenced

    To install a fence around a specific space, first measure the space and write down the exact measurements.

  2. Purchase supplies

    Purchase enough supplies to cover the space to be fenced. To avoid making multiple trips to the hardware store for supplies, make a list before heading to the store and purchase 10 to 20 percent more fencing than you think you need to account for mistakes and damaged items. Buy enough posts to place them 6 feet apart.

  3. Install posts

    Measure and install posts six feet apart to ensure the fence has enough support to be sturdy. Drive metal fence posts into the ground with a hammer. To install wooden posts, dig a hole deep enough to bury about one-third of the post. To make sure the post is straight, use a level and adjust as needed. Then, fill the hole with soil or cement.

  4. Attach fencing material

    For wooden fences, install top and bottom rails between each post and connect wood boards. Connect wire fencing to metal posts with steel clips.

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