How Do You Put up a Chain-Link Fence?


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To install a chain-link fence, determine the property boundaries, set the posts, add the fittings, and install the top rails. Then, install the tension wire and fence fabric.

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  1. Locate the property boundaries

    Locate the monuments set by surveyors that mark the property boundaries. If the boundaries are not apparent, contact a local surveyor to mark property lines. Construct the fence at least 4 inches inside the property boundary to avoid encroaching on a neighbor's property with the post footings.

  2. Set the posts

    Set the terminal posts 30 inches deep in concrete. After the concrete sets, use a string line to ensure line posts are in a straight line between terminal posts. Dig the holes, and set the line posts so they are 2 inches taller than the fence fabric.

  3. Install the fittings

    Install fittings on each of the line posts to hold the top rails in place. Install terminal posts fittings. Install the top rail, cutting it so it fits inside the terminal post fittings.

  4. Install the tension wire

    Install the tension wire at the bottom of the posts on the same side as the fence fabric.

  5. Install the fence fabric

    Begin unrolling the fabric at a terminal post. Once you reach the opposite terminal post, remove one of the strands from the woven fabric to separate the correct length of fence. Stand the fabric against the posts, and attach to the terminal posts. Use ties to attach the fence to the top rail, line posts and tension wire.

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