How Do You Put Together a Baby Crib?


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To put together a baby crib, place a headboard and footboard on a flat surface, screw latch brackets on the inside of the boards, attach a stationary rail and mount a mattress support. Fix the drop rail side, and place a mattress onto the crib. If necessary, add a blanket, baby monitor and night light.

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Place the headboard and footboard over the surface you are working from, and fasten latch brackets to the inside of the boards. To fix a stationary rail, have a friend help you fix a dowel through the boards via the holes of the latch brackets on one side of the crib, and tightly secure it in place. Install the mattress support as needed. If necessary, fix the attaching parts to the springs before securing the support to the boards. Screw the parts to the crib with a wrench and nuts and bolts.

On the front of the crib, position the drop rail side against the brackets, and use a drop rail rod to fix the rail to the two sides of the crib. Put one of the remaining springs over the dowel, place it just above the hole at the bottom of the drop side rail, and fasten the rod tops through the side of the boards. Repeat for the other side. Ensure that the rail lowers and raises. Place a sheet and mattress pad on the mattress, and place the mattress in the crib.

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