How Do You Put a Switch on a Fireplace?


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To put a switch on a fireplace, first decide where you want to locate the switch. Choose a spot on an interior wall that is in the same room as the gas fireplace and is no more than 50 feet away from the fireplace. Mount the switch in a dedicated UL-listed electrical junction box at least 5 feet above the floor. Run the fireplace control wire into the junction box without putting excess strain on the wire.

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Without damaging the inner wires of the control wire, peel back the outer casing. Strip a small amount of the red wire casing and use a screwdriver to connect it to the R terminal. Strip the tip of the white or yellow wire and connect it to the Y terminal, and then connect the stripped green wire to the G terminal. Ensure that the fireplace switch is positioned correctly, then screw it to the outside of the junction box. Finally, place the cover plate over the switch and screw it into place.

Test the switch to ensure that the fireplace works. If the fireplace does not ignite with the switch in the "on" position, check the switch to see if it is installed upside down. If this is the case, unscrew the switch and replace it in the correct position. Avoid over-stripping the wires inside the terminal and do not install damaged or substitute components.

Because installing the switch exposes you to the risk of electric shock, turn off all power to the unit before attempting installation. Incorrectly installing the wiring can also cause catastrophic damage to the fireplace switch wiring and parts. To ensure that all fireplace switch wiring meets code requirements, hire a certified electrician to complete the installation.

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