How Do You Put a Skylight in a Mobile Home?


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To put a skylight in a mobile home, locate the roof rafters in the desired installation area, cut the roof and the drywall to the correct size, and install a mounting frame. Then mount the skylight, and install the flashing on the roof as well as the finish trim on the ceiling. The procedure may vary depending on whether the skylight is fixed or operable. Before installing the skylight, choose an appropriate location based on sunlight, heating and cooling elements.

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Use a stud finder or cut a small hole in the roof to locate the studs. Put the skylight in place between the studs, position it using a level, and mark the outside dimensions. Cut a hole in the roof along the marked path with a circular saw, and cut a corresponding hole in the drywall ceiling. Cut two pieces of 2-inch-by-6 inch lumber to fit between the studs, and secure them in place towards the outside ends of the holes.

Screw the skylight to the mounting frame, cover the outside edges with the appropriate type and amount of roof sealant for the roof's composition, and cover it with flashing. Mount your choice of decorative trim around the skylight on the inside ceiling. Operable skylights may also require wiring to a wall switch.

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