How Do I Put Plastic Covers on My Dining Room Chairs?

Plastic covers for dining chairs can be made in just a few hours. Supplies include thick vinyl (available at any fabric store), a staple gun, a ruler and a craft knife.

  1. Measure the cushion

    Measure the length and width of one cushion, and add 3 inches to the measurement on each side. Multiply this amount by the number of chairs to get the total amount of yardage needed.

  2. Cover the cushion

    Unscrew and remove the seat cushion. Cut a piece of plastic matching the measurements obtained in Step 1. Center the cushion on the plastic. Pull the plastic taught on all sides of the cushion, and fold it to a point at each corner. Staple the plastic to the underside of the cushion.

  3. Reattach the cushion

    When finished stapling, reattach the cushion to the chair.