How Do You Put an Oven Door On?

Putting an oven door on an oven is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. In order to put an oven door on, you need the oven door and access to the opening in the front of the oven.

  1. Engage new door in oven slot

    Use both of your hands to hold the sides of the door and face the open oven. There should be a slot on either side of the oven for door hinges. Hold your oven door so it's diagonally facing the open oven door, and slide the hinges into their slots. You should feel the door drop as you slowly insert it into the slots.

  2. Lower the oven door

    Make sure the door hinges are both locked within the door hinge slots. Once you are sure, slowly lower the oven door until it is completely open. Near the corners of the oven door, you should see rotating hinge locks. Rotate these so that they are locked.

  3. Close the oven

    Examine the hinge locks and make sure they are properly locked. Once this is done, close the oven door. It should close easily and remain even on all sides. If the door doesn't close properly, you may need to remove it and attempt to lock it into place again.