How Do You Put Out an Electrical Fire?

To put out an electric fire, start by disconnecting the power to the affected area, if at all possible. Use a Class C fire extinguisher to cover the fire area. Do not use water on an electrical fire.

  1. Disconnect the power

    If you can do so safely, cut the power to the affected area. For example, if a surge protector starts a fire, unplug the other end from the wall. If you cannot reach the electric outlet, switch off the power at your home's circuit breaker. Skip this step if the fire is large or spreading quickly.

  2. Douse the fire in baking soda

    Take a box of standard baking soda, and sprinkle it liberally over the fire. Cover all of the flames and any exposed wiring.

  3. Use a class C fire extinguisher

    If the fire is still burning, get a class C fire extinguisher. Hold the extinguisher level with the floor, and pull the pin out of the top to activate it. Aim the nozzle at the fire, and squeeze the handle. Try to coat the place where the fire started, and then move on to cover the rest of the affected areas. Ensure that the fire is thoroughly coated to reduce the chance of a resurgence.