How Do You Put a Grid in a Window Pane?


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Install grids in a window pane by cutting vinyl grid material, connecting the lengths and securing them to the surround that attaches to the window with hook-and-loop tape. A tape measure, grid material, scissors, connectors and hook-and-loop tape are required. The process takes under an hour.

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  1. Plan the placement of the surround and grids

    Measure the dimensions of the window. Transfer these measurements to a piece of graph paper. Plan the placement of the surround and grids on the graph paper. Standard grids are 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long. Other sizes may be used to fit the window or the home owner's preferences.

  2. Measure and cut the grid material and surround

    Transfer the grid, and surround measurements to the vinyl grid material. Cut the lengths and widths with scissors.

  3. Join the grid material

    Lay out the pieces according to the arrangement on the graph paper. Use crosspiece connectors to join the corners of the grid pieces. Attach the grids to the surround using tee connectors.

  4. Attach the surround to the window

    Clean the window. Apply hook-and-loop tape to the edges of the window and to the back of the surround. Hold the surround up to the window, and press the hook-and-loop tape together.

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