How Do You Put Epoxy on a Garage Floor?


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Before applying epoxy to a garage floor, thoroughly prepare, clean and roughen the floor. Then, mask the bottom of the garage walls with painter's tape to avoid spots. Mix the epoxy, let it rest as recommended by the manufacturer, and finally apply the epoxy to the floor with a roller, using a paintbrush to touch up the edges.

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  1. Patch cracks

    Repair serious cracks in your concrete floor before applying the epoxy. Fill the cracks with a concrete repair product, smooth it, and allow the concrete to cure.

  2. Test for moisture

    Use a calcium-chloride moisture test to check the moisture content of the floor. Epoxy does not bond well with moist concrete. If the moisture levels are above 3 pounds per 1000 square feet, use another floor covering.

  3. Clean the floor

    Sweep the floor, and clean it with a degreaser. Rinse well, and let it dry completely.

  4. Roughen the floor's surface

    Epoxy adheres best to a rough surface. Work an etching acid recommended for concrete into the floor with a stiff brush. Rinse the acid off with plenty of water, and let the floor dry completely.

  5. Prepare the walls

    Mask the bottom of the garage walls with painters' tape. If you tend to be a messy painter, cover the lower parts of the walls with plastic sheeting.

  6. Mix the epoxy

    Carefully follow the package instructions for mixing the epoxy, making sure to stir it thoroughly. Then, let it rest for the recommended period.

  7. Apply the epoxy

    Smooth the epoxy evenly over the garage floor with a 9-inch roller fitted with a 1/2-inch nap cover. Cover one 10-by-10-foot section at a time, and keep the edges of each section wet so they blend together well. Touch up the edge of the floor as necessary with a stiff paint brush.

  8. Let the epoxy dry

    Wait 24 hours before walking on the surface and a week before driving on it. The long wait ensures a strong finish.

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