How Do You Put Ceramic Tile on a Tabletop?


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To affix ceramic tiles to a tabletop, use a trowel to apply commercially available mortar or tile adhesive to the tile backs, then press firmly onto the surface of the table. Maintain a 1/4-inch space between each tile for grouting material. When tiling the table, DoItYourself recommends beginning in the center and working outward.

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Prior to tiling a table, sand it down to provide a smooth working surface. As ceramic tiles can be quite heavy, ensure that the table is strong enough to withstand the added weight. Plan out the tile pattern prior to purchasing the tiles so as to have the correct amount. Buy more than the plan calls for to accommodate changes in the pattern or broken tiles.

Before applying the adhesive, lay the tiles on the table top in the chosen pattern. Make sure to have tile nippers to cut tiles as necessary. After creating the design, move the tile pattern from the working table to another surface, then begin gluing and placing the tiles.

Allow the tile adhesive to dry for at least a day prior to applying the wet grout. When the grout starts to dry, which usually occurs after about 20 minutes, sponge down the table. Allow the grout to dry for at least two days before using the table. If desired, apply a sealant to the tiles.

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