How Do You Put a Blanket on a Bed?


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A blanket can be spread over a bed like a comforter. Alternatively, the blanket can be folded in half or in quarters and spread across the foot of the bed.

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How Do You Put a Blanket on a Bed?
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Blankets can be used to decorate the corner of the bed when they are thrown on the bed in a stylish but carefree fashion. The texture of the blanket can match the material of the comforter and pillows on the bed or can be made of a contrasting fabric. For instance, a furry blanket used on a bed that features cotton sheets is visually appealing and makes the bed appear warm and comforting. The color of the blanket can be similar to the comforter and sheets of the bed for a monochromatic look, or it can be in a brighter color than the rest of the materials on the bed. Decorative blankets can be used to decorate other furniture in the bedroom as well. For instance, the blanket can be folded and draped over the top of the chair and tucked underneath the chair's cushion so that the bottom of the blanket hangs out. Blankets thrown over the corner of a sofa or loveseat create an easygoing look. The blanket can also serve as a cover for those sitting on the sofa who want a little extra warmth while reading a book or watching TV.

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