How Do You Put a Belt on a Hoover Wind Tunnel V2 Vacuum?


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Install a belt in a Hoover Wind Tunnel V2 vacuum by removing the cover plate and brush from the vacuum head and sliding the new belt inside. This takes less than half an hour. You need a new belt, a screwdriver, a drive belt and a flat belt.

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  1. Position the vacuum

    Turn the vacuum over, and lay it flat. The brush in the vacuum head needs to be facing up.

  2. Remove the cover plate

    Use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the cover plate. Lift the cover plate off.

  3. Remove the belts

    If you need to access the drive belt, you have to remove the flat belt and the brush. Remove the flat belt by squeezing the rubber and creating slack so that you can lift it off its anchors. After the flat belt is removed, lift away the brush. Now you can reach the drive belt, which is located between two wheels.

  4. Install the belts

    Install the drive belt first by laying it in a groove between the wheels and above the pulley where the flat belt runs. Once the drive belt is in place, you can install the flat belt by attaching it to its pin anchor first and then stretching it over the pulley.

  5. Replace the parts

    Replace the brush, making sure to fit it through the drive belt. Attach the cover plate, and replace the screws.

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