What Is the Purpose of a MacClean Water Softener?


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The main purpose of a MacClean water softener is for the reduction of water hardness by removing substances, such as calcium or magnesium ions, from water. There are different models of this product for commercial and residential use.

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Hard water in a home can cause problems, such as stained tubs or toilets, mineral buildup in plumbing pipes and the reduction of the life of home appliances, including water heaters and washing machines. Another problem caused by hard water is that it also reduces the performance of soap or detergent.

Just like most water softener systems, the MacClean products have a brine tank with salt that acts as the filtering agent to remove the minerals calcium and magnesium. Depending on the specific type of MacClean product, it can have different features. For example, the N series has a control valve for management of the salt resin. The MacClean CS series water softener can also remove the substances iron and manganese that can stain water.

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