What Is the Purpose of a Kitchen Appliance Cover?

What Is the Purpose of a Kitchen Appliance Cover?

A kitchen appliance cover keeps appliances clean when they are not in use. They can also add to the decor of a kitchen because they come in various colors and fabrics.

Several online stores sell kitchen appliance covers for everything from electric can openers to stand mixers. The-Cover-Store.com is one such store. Starting at around $7, The-Cover-Store.com makes covers for more than 70 different appliances, even those with irregular shapes, such as juicers. These covers are made with polyester material making them machine washable and easy to use. Owners can simply slip the cover over the appliance and it is protected from dirt and dust.

Amazon.com is another place to purchase quality appliance covers by manufacturers, such as Ritz, KitchenAid and CoverMates. As of October 2015, Amazon.com carries appliance covers for food processors, mixers, blenders and toasters. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Some online retailers also sell specialty appliance covers like those needed for a George Foreman grill or a SodaStream. There are even covers available for bread makers and deep fryers.

Before purchasing appliance covers, have an overall idea of the dimensions of the appliance. For example, a standard toaster cover is 11-inches wide, eight-inches deep and eight-inches wide, but a four-slice toaster is 15-inches wide, seven-inches deep and nine-inches high.