What Is the Purpose of a Concrete Estimator?


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Concrete estimators predict the cost and quantity of concrete materials needed for a certain construction project. They make estimates based on research about the data and factors relevant to the project.

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Concrete estimators may create estimates for bidding purposes. To make the estimate, they must consider two main aspects: the quantity takeoff and the pricing schedule. A quantity takeoff is a list of all items of concrete needed for a construction project. Based on this list, the concrete estimator prices the work. The pricing needs to be as accurate as possible and every unit of pricing should have its own justification and explanation.

A concrete estimator first learns how to read blueprints and other construction specifications. Afterwards, the estimator goes to work sites to learn how to measure and estimate costs with routine tasks. On-the-job training is required to conduct this kind of work, though some educational background is preferable. A bachelor's degree in a field such as building or construction science boosts the chances of a potential candidate for such a position.

Various certifications are pursued by many concrete estimators, as they offer professional recognition. Certifications, although not mandatory, are offered by a number of different organizations and are granted based on varying requirements. To get and remain certified, concrete estimators need to pass an examination and meet certain requirements regularly.

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