What Is a Purple Prince Crabapple?


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"Purple Prince," an interspecific hybrid variety of the crabapple (Malus) genus, is a deciduous tree growing up to 20 feet in height and spread. The Purple Prince crabapple tree, hardy in USDA plant zones 4 to 8, lives up to 50 years.

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The rounded form and dense covering of fragrant reddish-purple blooms and purplish-bronze foliage create a tree suitable for ornamental and shade purposes. Blooming in early spring, the tree produces a wealth of ½-inch maroon crabapples from summer to winter. The fruits, used for fresh eating and making jams and jellies, provide sustenance for birds and other wildlife. While the moderate to fast-growing Purple Prince needs full sunlight and consistently moist growing conditions, it is highly tolerant of pollution and is disease-resistant.

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