Why Purchase a Used Refrigerator That Is for Sale by Owner?


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Individuals may wish to purchase a used refrigerator for sale by its owner to save money or to find a particular model that may not be easy to locate. Buying directly from the owner also allows the buyer to gather information on how the unit was used.

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While many appliance retailers offer regular sales and discounts on new appliances and occasional discounts on clearance appliances, buying a used appliance from an individual frequently offers the best discount for budget-conscious shoppers. Many smaller appliance dealers sell used refrigerators, but these are typically more expensive than those sold by private owners because the dealer is trying to turn a profit on the sale. Private sellers most commonly sell an appliance to gather extra cash, to get rid of it before moving or to make room for a newer model. Individuals buying from private sellers can ask detailed questions about the unit and request any repair information and documents. They can also request to inspect the unit before purchase. At the very least, the buyer should test the unit to make sure it runs efficiently. Private sellers are under no obligation to accept a return if there is an issue with the item.

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