How Do You Purchase a Used Bed?


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Used beds can often be found in thrift stores and through classified listings, both online and in newspapers. In some cases, only a mattress or bed frame is listed.

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How Do You Purchase a Used Bed?
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Used mattresses are generally significantly cheaper than new mattresses, although many people are uncomfortable with the thought of sleeping on used mattresses due to the amount of material they absorb through regular use. Although mattress can be cleaned, doing so is often expensive, and liquids absorbed might not be removed completely.

Bed frames, on the other hand, can typically be refurbished easily, allowing purchasers to spend more on a new mattress. Since they're designed to handle hundreds of pounds of weight, bed frames are typically durable, and their open design makes them easy to inspect. If the bed frame is made of metal, it's worth looking for signs of rust, and the bolts used on portable units should be inspected to make sure the metal around them hasn't worn down.

One option to consider is negotiating for a bed when purchasing a home. Sellers might be willing to sell the bed at a reduced cost instead of transporting it with them, especially if they're moving long distances. Renters can often negotiate with previous tenants for their beds, especially in populated areas where the cost of moving or disposing of a bed can be high.

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