How Do You Purchase and Install a Cedar Ridge Hearth?

The full line of Cedar Ridge Hearth vent-free gas heaters is available from Lowe's home improvement stores, as of 2015, and units can sometimes be found on Installation of Cedar Ridge Hearth heaters may vary by model, including fireplace log inserts, free-standing units and wall mount models. All models require a gas or propane source and each follows similar installation steps. The primary difference is the placement and mounting of the units.

Install a gas line to the intended location of the new Cedar Ridge Hearth heater or shut off the existing gas supply if you are replacing a previously installed unit. Use two appropriately sized or adjustable wrenches to disconnect an old unit's gas supply line from the source and remove the old unit. Coat the threads of the new gas line with sealant before connecting it to the gas source.

For fireplace log inserts, place the unit's base inside of the firebox in the intended location. Use masonry screws to attach the base to the floor of the firebox. Connect the gas line securely and check for leaks by coating the connection with a soapy water solution; watch for gas bubbles. Place the concrete logs in position and add any aesthetic accessories as desired.

Wall-mounted units may hang from the wall or be inset, while a free standing model's location is up to the discretion of the user, as long as all safety considerations are met.