How Do You Purchase Boiler Parts Using the Model Number?


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To purchase replacement boiler parts using the part's model number online, visit the site for a parts retailer such as SupplyHouse and enter the full model number into the search field to view and buy the part. Some sites feature an online catalogue of parts for manual browsing.

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To locate a boiler part's model number, it may be necessary to completely remove the part from the boiler. First, search the visible sections of the part for a label that contains a series of numbers along with other information about the part. Typically, the model number is labeled clearly with the word "Model" above or in front of the number, though in some cases, it may simply be listed at the top of the label. If this information is not visible, and the part needs to be removed, remember to shut the furnace down completely to avoid causing any physical harm or damage to the furnace.

When searching for parts by model number on the SupplyHouse site, users have the option to filter the available results by factors such as price and popularity among customers. Each listing contains a picture of the part and a description of its function and purpose.

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