How Do You Pump a Septic Tank?


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Septic tanks are normally pumped by a professional septic pumping service. A business directory such as Angie's List or your local yellow pages has listings. Prices depend on the size of your septic system and how far you live from a pumper and sewage treatment facility.

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Septic tanks are usually pumped only when they become full, although experts recommend having your system pumped every 3 to 5 years. A septic pump truck comes out to your location and opens the manhole cover of your septic tank. Waste is pumped into the truck and taken to a sewage treatment facility closest to your location. Septic pumping professionals sometimes add beneficial bacteria to your tank after pumping that can help reduce how often your tank needs to be pumped. Not pumping your septic tank often enough can result in backed up sewage in your home or business. Homeowners are not allowed to pump their own septic tanks because of the health risks of improperly disposed of sewage. Smaller septic systems such as those in RVs can be pumped at RV service centers at some campgrounds and dealers. Septic pumping services also pump RV septic tanks if the RV cannot be driven to a pump station.

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