How Is the Pump on an Ice Maker Replaced?


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First, the pump must be disconnected from power. Next, the pump's reservoir is drained and removed before the actual pump may be taken out. A new pump and the reservoir may then be assembled, the rest of the ice maker put together and attached to power.

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Before getting to the ice maker pump, the ice maker must be disconnected from its power source to prevent an accident. The reservoir attached to the pump is then drained by unscrewing the cap on its bottom. A plastic casing protects the pump. This must be removed using a screwdriver. The drain pump wire harness can be detached from the rest of the ice maker, and the pump can be pulled from the ice maker along with the reservoir.

At this point, the pump outlet tube should be removed, and the pump wire harness and sensor wire harnesses should be disconnected from their connection plugs. The pump can then be pried from its bracket. The new pump is then snapped into the bracket and attached to its wire harnesses and outlet tube. The bracket is screwed into place in the ice maker and the reservoir reattached. Individuals should place the plastic casing around the reservoir and reattach the wire harness to the ice maker. They should also make sure the reservoir's drain is screwed shut before reattaching the power source.

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