Which Publishers Produce Encyclopedias of Flowers?

Which Publishers Produce Encyclopedias of Flowers?

Dorling-Kindersely, Lars Mueller, Thunder Bay Press and Lorenz Books are publishing companies that produce encyclopedias of flowers. Sunset magazine also publishes an exhaustive gardening book with an encylopedic collection of garden plants and flowers.

Dorling-Kindersely publishes the "American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers," which was first published in 1987. The volume includes entries for 8,000 plants, cataloged according to color, season and size.

Lars Mueller's "Encyclopedia of Flowers" features photographs of flower arrangements by Japanese florist Makoto Azuma. The artistic photography is accompanied by binomial identification of the 2000 species included in the volume. The encyclopedia includes pictures of many rare and exotic plants.

Lorenz Books publishes the Illustrated "Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers and Flora of the World." This encyclopedia is a visual reference guide for 2,000 species of plants growing independently of cultivation on every continent. The book includes photographs and illustrations of flowers.

Thunder Bay Press publishes the "Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Flowers." This book includes information and photographs for over 1,400 flowering plants. The book also features instruction on cultivation methods and advice on choosing plants.

Sunset Magazine publishes the "New Western Garden Book," a practical gardener's manual that includes the "A to Z Plant Encyclopedia." This volume includes information about 8,000 plants that gardeners can grow in the western United States.