How Do You Prune a Yucca Cane?

When pruning a yucca, start by removing any dead leaves or blooms, then cut across the top at the desired height. Be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves, to prevent being sliced by the yucca's sharp leaves. Pruning usually takes less than 30 minutes, and should be done in late winter, before new spring growth appears.

  1. Cut the cane

    Shortly before the growing season begins in the spring, prune the yucca to half its size. Measure to find the halfway mark on the plant, and cut. To retain more of the height, cut the cane at a higher point. Cut off the top leafy section of the cane using a saw. Repot the top section of the cane to grow a second yucca. Remove all the leaves, and make sure to plant it with the bottom of the cane in the ground.

  2. Remove unattractive leaves and blooms

    Prune the leaves and blooms of the yucca to keep it looking neat. Remove discolored leaves and blooms with sharp pruning shears. Cut the stalk of the bloom 3 or 4 inches above where it connects to the main stem. Pruning of the leaves and blooms can be done at any time of the year.

  3. Care for the recently pruned plant

    Sit the plant in a sunny spot, water lightly, and fertilize after pruning to insure the survival of the plant.