How Do You Prune a Sprengeri Fern?


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Prune your Sprengeri fern before its growing season to maintain its health and appearance by removing old, dead branches and trimming back the newer ones. Gloves and heavy clothing are a requirement; Sprengeri ferns feature small barbed thorns and sap that is a skin irritant. You need hand pruners and a disposal bag. It typically takes an hour to prune an established bush.

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  1. Wear protective clothing

    Put on gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and jeans to avoid exposure to the fern's barbed thorns.

  2. Prevent the spread of infection and disease by cleaning your tools

    Clean and disinfect your pruners using an antibacterial cleanser, and wipe them after each cut.

  3. Prepare the work area

    Sprengeri fern sap is a skin irritant, and the fern's cuttings take root readily. Place a disposal bag near the work area to minimize your handling of the waste, and throw it in the trash when you are finished to stop unwanted propagation.

  4. Prune for maintenance and trim for appearance

    Remove dead, diseased or wilted branches and any that are yellow or brown. Cut the oldest stems back to the ground to let more air and light in for new growth. Pinch off the ends of the remaining individual branches for bushy foliage and a fuller appearance.

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