How Do You Prune Spirea Bushes?

How Do You Prune Spirea Bushes?

How Do You Prune Spirea Bushes?

Spirea bushes are ornamental plants that boast small, colorful flowers. In order to encourage growth and healthy plants, prune your bushes by following a few simple tips. All you will need are pruning shears and a bleach solution.

  1. Trim the tips of the shrub

    Clip off the tips of the spirea bush in the early spring right after it has flowered. Remove the top fading flowers to 1/4 inch above the next bud. As you prune, make sure to maintain the bush in a compact shape.

  2. Remove shoots and stems

    During the summer, remove overgrown shoots. Prune away stems to keep the bush's shape, making sure to cut the limbs only slightly shorter than the surrounding branches.

  3. Cut back overgrown foliage

    In the fall, cut back any overgrown or sparse foliage once the leaves begin to thin. Don't be afraid to prune limbs to within 12 inches of the ground because this encourages new growth and flowering during the spring.

  4. Prune away dead and damaged branches

    Keep an eye on the branches during the winter months. Before the spring growth when the buds begin to swell, remove all dead and damaged branches. Cut away any limbs that rub together. If you remove any diseased limbs, make sure to disinfect the area with a water and bleach solution to prevent the spread of disease.