How Do You Prune Roses?

How Do You Prune Roses?

Prune roses by removing dead, diseased or thickly crowded limbs, beginning at the bottom of the plant and cutting 1/4 inch above outward-facing buds at a 45-degree angle. You need by-pass pruners, loppers and thick gloves. Pruning takes less than 30 minutes.

  1. Prune the base of the plant

    Remove any suckers growing at the plant's base. Examine the base for overall shape, removing any limbs that do not conform to the desired form.

  2. Remove dead or diseased wood

    Cut out dead or diseased wood indicated by shriveling, dryness or a black color.

  3. Thin the interior

    Thin the interior of the plant to allow air and light to reach the center limbs.