How Do You Prune a Rose of Sharon Tree?


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The Rose of Sharon is a deciduous flowering shrub best pruned after the last hard frost of winter and before its growing season. Use bypass pruners on young trees, and use loppers on older ones. The pruning process takes from one to two hours.

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  1. Clean, and disinfect your tools

    Prevent the spread of infection and disease by cleaning your tools with an antibacterial solution and wiping them after each cut. A bleach solution is not recommended, as it can damage your tools over time.

  2. Prune younger bushes

    Prune younger bushes using bypass pruners. Remove any dead, diseased or damaged branches by cutting them back to the main branch or just above the next leaf bud. Remove one-third of the crossing branches by making cuts that open the bush up to allow for more light and air circulation.

  3. Prune older bushes

    Use loppers to prune older Rose of Sharon bushes. Perform regular maintenance pruning, and cut away any growth below the lowest tier of branches. Step back to assess your tree's growth habit, and cut the nonconforming branches back to within its natural line. Cut one-third of all crossing branches to open up the bush. Finally, cut all remaining branches back by one-third.

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