How Do You Prune Rose Bushes?

How Do You Prune Rose Bushes?

Prune a rose bush by choosing the right time, removing damaged and dead branches, trimming off weak branches, pruning away suckers and shaping the remaining branches. The timing and particulars of this project depends on the type of rose bush that needs to be pruned. You need pruning shears.

  1. Choose the right time to prune

    For most rose bushes, the right time to prune will occur in the spring. Prune while the plant is still dormant or after it blooms.

  2. Remove dead and damaged branches

    Cut off any diseased branches, cutting down until the inside of the branches have a healthy white appearance. Sterilize the pruning shears after pruning the diseased limbs.

  3. Trim off weak branches

    Remove any weak branches or twigs with pruning shears. When removing branches, cut just above the nearest bud at a 45-degree angle.

  4. Prune away suckers

    Prune away any suckers in order to keep the energy of the plant focused on the main branches and blossoms.

  5. Shape the remaining branches

    Give the rose bush shape by keeping about five evenly spaced canes or branches. Each branch should vary from 18 to 24 inches tall as the varying lengths will help the branches to flower continuously.