How Do You Prune a Purple Sand Cherry?


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Prune purple sand cherries in the early spring before new growth occurs, and focus on removing any dead, dying or crossed branches by cutting them at their base. Pruning shears are ideal for removing smaller branches, while a pruning saw may be required for larger ones. A purple leaf sand cherry must be pruned to prevent its branches from breaking and compromising its round shape, according to Garden Guides.

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Try cutting up to one quarter of the most mature branches annually to open its center and promote new growth. Cut back new growth from the previous year, leaving about 2 inches of the new growth on each branch. Prune the new growth branches directly above an outward-facing bud to encourage the bush to grow branches out from the center of the plant.

If a purple sand cherry has been neglected over the course of a year or more, hard prune all of its branches back in later winter to within 6 inches of the ground. Doing this before the bush's initial growth spurt in early spring promotes strong growth the following year. When transplanting new purple sand cherry bushes, prune their roots back as needed to remove dead, diseased and circular growing roots.

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