When Do You Prune a Mimosa Tree?

prune-mimosa-tree Credit: Roger de la Harpe/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Mimosas should be pruned in February or March, during the dormant period. When trimmed during this time, new growth will not be affected. However, light pruning can be done any time of year.

Mimosa trees have long, drooping branches with pink blooms. They grow best in well-drained soil and full sun. Water needs are minimal, though frequent watering results in greener foliage.

Mimosas are often affected by mimosa vascular wilt. This disease causes the leaves to yellow and wilt, dropping before the end of the season. Mimosa vascular wilt eventually kills the tree, but cutting and burning dead branches can keep the tree looking its best as long as possible.

Mites, cottony cushion scales and mimosa webworms are common pests that infect the mimosa tree. Cottony cushion scales deposit large white egg sacs on the tree. Gray webs around the leaves are indicative of webworms. If spraying the pests with water does not remove them, insecticides and miticides may be applied. Vedalia beetles are a biological predator of cushion scales and can help control their population. Some pests may hide in the leaves around the tree. Raking the leaves away from the base and removing them can help reduce infestations.