How Do You Prune a Meyer Lemon Tree?

Pruning a Meyer lemon tree creates a better appearance and encourages good health. Pruning should be done in late winter with items such as pruning shears or loppers.

  1. Cut off the shoots

    Cut off the shoots growing from the tree roots and near the rootstock. Make the cuts at ground level. Cut off watersprouts and unsightly shoots that are growing from the Meyer lemon tree's branches into the canopy.

  2. Cut the branches

    Cut off dead and diseased branches as well as branches that rub together. Remove branches growing back toward the canopy. Cut above the branch junction or a new bud. Trim back long branches to give the tree a rounded appearance and to reduce its size.

  3. Trim the branches, and thin the fruit

    Trim any branches that touch the ground, as these branches act as bridges for pests. Cut off small fruit at the stem junction, and leave the healthy fruit that are spread evenly throughout the tree.

  4. Inspect the Meyer lemon tree

    Routinely check the tree for disease and pests. Remove broken, diseased and damaged portions of the tree as soon as they occur. Cut several inches into the healthy part of the branch above a bud or a branch junction. Dispose of the diseased and infected branches.