How Do You Prune Loropetalum?

How Do You Prune Loropetalum?

Prune Loropetalum by cutting back the bottom, dead, crossing and uneven branches. In some settings, the plants require little pruning because its natural shape is compact. In other settings, the plants may outgrow their area, necessitating hard pruning.

Loropetalum tends to grow quickly into irregularly rounded shrubs. Cutting back the plant by one-half encourages new stems and many flowers.

Begin by removing the bottom branches, working around the shrub. Work your way up while balancing cuts evenly. Cut the branches that shoot out significantly further than the rest. Reduce the size of the plant by removing much of the growth.

For a ground cover look, prune out the top growth of smaller varieties of Lorepetalum. Remove all top branches for a shorter and spreading appearance.

To give the bush a tree form, remove bottom branches. Remove crossing and dead branches too.

Limit the frequency of pruning the Lorepetalum plant into a round shape. Frequent or too-heavy pruning of the plant results in the loss of the plant’s pleasant natural shape and may result in its decline.

Prune the plants in the spring immediately after flowering to avoid loss of the next year’s flowers. Avoid late summer and fall pruning, as flowers form at those times.