How Do You Prune Lady Banks' Roses?

A native to China, the Lady Banks rose is a drought- and disease-resistant shrubby vine that will grow up to 20 feet tall. Lady Banks roses are cut back when the blooming season is over. You will need one to five hours, gloves, pruners and loppers.

  1. Disinfect your tools

    Clean your tools with an antibacterial household cleanser before and after use to prevent the spread of disease.

  2. Identify dead canes or stalks on the rosebush needing pruned

    Start by clipping brown, yellow, withered or non-producing canes at the first green joint or bud. Cut at a 45-degree angle, with the apex facing outward to orient new growth away from the center. Identify the tallest cane in the middle of the plant and make a cut near the ground to allow more air and light in.

  3. Cut back unruly canes

    Lady Banks roses are voracious growers that, left unchecked, will overtake structures. Take a step back and identify canes that are growing or starting to grow in undesired places. Clip these with the pruners, or cut them at the base of the plant with the loppers. Tie or weave the remaining canes to train them to grow in the right direction.