How Do You Prune Knock Out Roses?


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Knock Out roses are a breed of shrub rose engineered specifically to bloom throughout the warm season and resist most of the common rose bush ailments. Regular and proper pruning enhance these characteristics, increasing the number of roses and their overall health. Cuts to all branches should be made on an angle facing away from the nearest bud.

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How Do You Prune Knock Out Roses?
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The best time for pre-season pruning is after the buds have begun to form but before the appearance of new growths on the shrub. This state usually occurs in late winter or early spring, depending on the region. Prepare for the new season by pruning excess or wild growth. Over the course of a single season, these shrubs can grow at least two feet in both height and width.

During the growing season, additional pruning may be necessary to enhance growth. Always remove dead, damaged and sick branches as soon as possible. Make sure to sterilize shears between pruning times to eliminate the risk of disease spread. Mid-season pruning can also focus on interior branches that may be blocking new growths or strangling nearby branches. Good air circulation around and within the plant is essential for reducing the risk of disease and leading to optimal growth.

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