How Do You Prune Grape Vines?


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Grape vines can be pruned through multiple methods, and cane pruning is one of the most common. This method creates a permanent central trunk on established vines, and it takes about 20 minutes per plant. The process requires pruning shears and plant twine or another tying material.

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  1. Choose the canes to retain

    Canes that produce in the current season do not produce again the following year, so they must be pruned. Select up to two new canes that extend from either side of the central trunk. Choose canes that are about as thick as a small finger with 8 to 10 buds growing closely together. Avoid canes that are overly thick and those that have buds growing far apart from one another.

  2. Tie the canes

    Spread the retained canes along the trellis wire on both sides of the central trunk. Use plant twine or another tying material to secure the vines to the wire.

  3. Choose the spur canes

    Once the retained canes are tied, choose up to two spur canes to keep. These must be located near the head of the trunk. Cut these canes back so that they have only two buds each. The spur canes provide choices for next season's pruning.

  4. Cut the remaining canes

    Use the pruning shears to cut back everything except the retained canes and the spur canes. The pruned vine will resemble the letter "T."

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