How Do You Prune a Fuchsia Plant?


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Prune fuchsia plants in early spring before the plant has fully bloomed or grown. Use pruning shears to trim away any dead or snapped branches. Remove any of the fuchsia branches that cross one another within the body of the bush. When all problematic branches are removed, begin shaping the fuchsia bush to the desired design or shape. This may involve removing branches that grow vertically instead of horizontally.

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If the fuchsia plant is being groomed after a period of dormancy, the fuchsia plant must be pruned more heavily. In this case, all of the branches should be carefully pruned away so only branches that stem directly from the trunk remain. These branches need to be pruned very short to inspire new growth and restore the fuchsia plant's shape. Brush away the top soil of the fuchsia plant and use the pruning shears to remove any scraggly or scrawny roots.

When pruning the fuchsia plant, take care to pinch off any new buds as this encourages new branches and the overall flowering of the plant. New branching is vital because fuchsia flowers only grow on new green wood. During this process also pinch off any dead flowers to improve continuous blooming.

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