When Do You Prune a Flowering Almond Bush?

Timing is everything when pruning a flowering almond bush, according to Garden Guides. Because the bush flowers on one-year-old canes, it is important to time pruning after the spring bloom, preferably in the early summer after the blossoms fade, to enable the bush to bloom the following year.

Lay a tarp underneath the bush before beginning to enable easy clean up once complete, according to Garden Guides. Using pruning shears, begin by cutting away any damaged or dead branches down to the crown of the shrub. Thin the interior of the bush, cutting away branches that cross or rub on one another to open up the interior of the bush.

Step back and examine the overall shape of the bush. Remove up to one-third of the exterior branches, accounting for the desired shape, height and width of the bush. Cut the branches back, leaving a leaf node at the end of each or cutting the branches to right before they cross other branches to allow for new growth. Once the desired shape and size is achieved, gather the tarp below and discard the clippings from the bush. Repeat this process annually to keep the bush flowering well each year.