How Do You Prune Ficus Benjamina?

How Do You Prune Ficus Benjamina?

Ficus benjamina grows very quickly and requires regular pruning. Pruning shears, safety glasses and light work gloves are required, and with regular maintenance, pruning should take under an hour. Cut the plant to the desired shape, removing any dead limbs, before fertilizing and watering your plant./

  1. Examine the shape of the tree

    Decide on a shape for the ficus. Examine the tree for any limbs that cross into a path or grow against a wall or window. These limbs should be removed.

  2. Prune limbs that grow outside the desired shape

    Prune any branches that do not conform to the desired shape. Prevent the limbs from growing outward by pruning back to an intersection with a limb that is growing upward. Cut only to the collar of the limb to speed up the healing process.

  3. Remove dead and weak limbs

    Remove any dead growth from the trunk and main limbs. Prune out any limbs that appear weak.

  4. Bring up the bottom of the canopy

    If the bottom of the canopy has extended down further than you desire on the trunk, trim each of the bottom limbs back to an upward-growing node. Don't remove the entire limb, as this may leave a bare spot in the canopy.

  5. Fertilize and add soil

    Fertilize after pruning, adding potting soil if needed.