When Do You Prune Crape Myrtle in Texas Weather?

Crape myrtle pruning in Texas needs to occur either in late fall or in late winter. For instance, if a gardener lives in a mild area of Texas, pruning can occur in late fall. Cold weather can injure newly pruned plants, but weather is a nonissue in areas without extreme temperatures.

If a gardener lives in an area of Texas where temperatures drop more in the winters, pruning needs to wait until late winter or early spring after the last frost. This is because pruning can encourage new growth that cold temperatures kill. Therefore, gardeners should prune only when the danger of a killing frost is past.

During yearly annual pruning, a gardener needs to remove any dead or damaged wood and prune to control the shrub size. The gardener also needs to snip off any suckers and trim branches to allow sunlight into the inner limbs. However, the gardener should avoid cutting the branches down too far, which can weaken the shrub and cause thin, weak branches to grow. Some pruning can occur any time during the growing season and depends on the type of the crape myrtle. For example, removing spent blooms and seed pods can be done during growing season.