How Do You Prune Crabapple Trees?


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Crabapple trees boast beautiful blossoms in white, pinks and reds. When pruning this tree, make sure to wait until after it blossoms. First, remove dead and broken branches. Next, remove undesirable branches, and cut back other tree growth.

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  1. Remove dead and broken branches

    Prune away any broken, dead and diseased branches. Be sure to sterilize pruning tools with a bleach solution after you cut away diseased limbs. You can do this pruning at any time of the year.

  2. Remove undesirable limbs

    Remove branches that rub against each other or grow inward and downward. If you are shaping a young tree, keep only permanent branches that are 6 inches apart. Prune away others, such as those that start growing below the permanent branches. When pruning, avoid cutting below the collar of the branch.

  3. Remove other growth

    Prune back all limbs that reach beyond the shape or the form of the tree. For a young tree, trim down any branches that grow taller than the central branch. Cut away no more than one-third of the tree at a given time. Trim away suckers that grow from the base of the tree and water sprouts or shoots that grow from the branches. Do this pruning during midsummer.

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