How Do I Prune Cilantro?

Pruning cilantro allows you to enjoy this fresh herb as well as prolong its harvest time before the plant goes to seed. To prune cilantro, wait until the cilantro reaches maturity, trim only the right leaves, and prune those leaves during regular intervals.

  1. Wait for maturity

    Wait for the cilantro plant to reach maturity before trimming off any leaves. This process usually takes between 60 and 75 days from the first planting. The plant should be at least 6 inches tall. For a full harvest, make sure not to expose the plant to extreme cold or hot weather. It thrives best during the spring and fall.

  2. Harvest the right leaves

    Once you start harvesting cilantro, make sure to cut off only the outer leaves. Avoid the inner leaves, which are the part of the plant where new foliage grows. This also helps to prolong your cilantro harvest until the plant starts to flower.

  3. Prune the plant regularly

    Prune your cilantro plant regularly, about every five to seven days. It takes about a week for new foliage to be produced and mature. You will have about three weeks of harvest before the cilantro will flower, which is a sign that the seeds are being produced.