How Do You Prune a Bonsai Apple Tree?

How Do You Prune a Bonsai Apple Tree?

Pruning a bonsai apple tree is a meticulous process that requires planning in advance. Bonsai apple trees should be pruned in the spring with sharp cutters or shears to ensure clean cuts. You also need glue or sealant to seal the cuts. Once you achieve the desired form, it is important to prune the buds regularly to maintain the shape of the bonsai.

  1. Schedule the branch pruning in early spring

    Branch pruning is stressful for any plant, so make sure to avoid pruning your tree during seasons with extreme temperatures or weather situations. Apple trees are deciduous, and they shed their leaves in the fall. It is best to prune them while there are no new leaves on the branches yet, which is early during the spring season.

  2. Choose which branches need to be removed

    Depending on your purpose or design, you should plan the pruning well, and carefully choose the branches. This helps you avoid making unnecessary cuts from your bonsai tree.

  3. Use sharp pruning shears or a concave branch cutter

    You need to make sure that your tool is sharpened well enough to make the cleanest cuts possible. Dull shears or cutters will result in excessive damage to the bonsai. Make swift cuts to remove the unwanted branches, making sure to leave the nearby branches untouched.

  4. Seal the cut

    Use some glue or sealant to seal the cut immediately after pruning the branch. Cuts should never be left open. Sealing helps the cut heal quickly and ensures that no more growth will occur at that particular spot.

  5. Prune the buds to maintain the bonsai's form

    When your tree already has the desired form, prevent growth that could distort the tree's shape by nipping the buds using your hands or a pair of scissors.